Information for Researchers

rOpenSci Package

The ecoengine API is now available for use in R through the rOpenSci ecoengine package. rOpenSci allows access to data repositories through the R statistical programming environment that is already a familiar part of the workflow of many scientists. The project’s Karthik Ram has developed the package that allows users to work with the Ecoengine API directly through the R terminal, tapping into an extensive array of tools that can be used to better understand the information being served.

Using the package in R, you can now easily:

  • Query and return data from observations, photos, species checklists, and sensors
  • Quickly create a leaflet JS map to display your results with one line of code
  • Quickly create a photo viewer website with one line of code
  • and more!

Checkout Karthik’s Introduction to the ecoengine package for a great tutorial on how to install and use this awesome tool.

Data Resources

The Ecoengine API currently hosts the following data:

Future development of the engine will include tools for data discovery, web applications for analysis, and a showcase of user generated apps.

Visit to learn more about how YOUR data can be incorporated into the engine.